Get paid $1000 CASH on real estate deals just for locating hot properties!!!!


Welcome to our exciting new program where you can earn extra income with a minimum of time, hassle, and stress. It’s called “real estate bird-dogging.” The concept is simple: You locate distressed properties and/or distressed owners. You send us information about the property. For each new qualified lead you send us that results in our company (or someone we assign our contract to) being able to complete a successful settlement, we’ll pay you $1,000!

You can spend as much (or little) time as you want to be a real estate bird dog. Often, it’s not even spending time. You may run across distressed properties in your own neighborhood . . .on your way to work . . .or while visiting a friend. You may hear about distressed owners when you’re talking with friends or co-workers . . .visiting with neighbors . . .or even at the supermarket! All you have to do is send us the information and we take it from there. For any deal we can close, we’ll pay you $1,000. Call or e-mail us with any questions. Start sending in those leads!

What is a Bird Dog/Property Locator?

What's a real estate bird dog? In short, you are a Property Locator. You are finding houses that are vacant/distressed, sending them to us, we do all of the legwork, and then once we buy the property you get paid. To learn more about our program and how to locate properties, please download our Queens Buy Houses Bird Dog Opportunity Handbook which includes a flyer and Lead Information sheet. Then, watch the videos on this page to get your training.

It’s that simple! Once you have found your first lead come back to this page and SUBMIT LEAD information at the bottom of this page. We take about one week to process the information and contact the homeowner of the house you submitted. Once we make contact with the homeowner we will update you on the status of your lead.

How to Make Money as Property Locator?

So now you know what a Bird Dog is let's talk about how you can make money. Sound good? Your mission...if you choose to to go out and find vacant house leads for us. These leads can be found on your own street, in local neighborhoods, and even on your daily commute to work

Once you find a house take down the address and as much information about the property into our online form provided at the bottom of this page (make sure it’s correct), along with snapping at least 2-3 pictures of the house (Front, Side, Back, Street) and submitting the lead. That information will immediately be sent over to our team and we take it from there. Once we find the seller's contact information we will get in contact with them and make an offer to purchase the property. Once the seller accepts, after we close...we will send you a check for $1000! Not too bad for sending an address and a few photos.

Once we receive your property lead, we'll keep you informed of the process from start to finish. You'll receive e-mails from us for each of the following stages:

Seller Contact Information Obtained

Initial Contact Made With Seller

When we have made an offer to the seller for a purchase

If Our Offer Is Accepted Or Denied

The Closing Date, followed by your pay date (usually the same or very next day)

Once we have made contact with the owner and our offer is accepted, we usually close within 10-14 business days. NOTE: These houses are vacant for a reason and sellers typically can be difficult to get a hold of sometimes. We have a proven system to track down the owners, however, if you don’t hear from us right away please be patient as we are in the process of locating the owner.

Types of Properties We Want

We want you to find properties or owners that are DISTRESSED. Distressed means that there is a problem or situation that might allow us to buy a property for less than market value. We need you to keep your eyes and ears open for potential opportunities. Let us know when you see a distressed property or hear about a distressed owner. We’ll pay you $1,000 if your information leads to us purchasing the property

  • Vacant Houses
  • Boarded up Houses
  • Grass or yard overgrown
  • For Sale By Owner signs (FSBO-NO REALTOR SIGNS)
  • Run down houses in nice neighborhoods
  • Mail piling up
  • "For Rent" signs

Where to Find Properties?

Property Locator/Bird Dog Responsibilities

The Independent Contractor shall provide, at his/her own expense, transportation and equipment and any associated costs to maintain them. The following equipment is the minimum requirements:


Digital Camera/Camera Phone

Independent Contract Agreement

Lead Submission Form


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