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Fill out the form to get access to great investment properties in Savannah & Metro Atlanta. We do a lot of marketing to private sellers to buy houses and sometimes we cannot fix them all. When that happens, we call other investors that have filled out the below form to see if they'd like to buy them at a deep discount. We look forward to having you on that list.

These are cheap houses for sale that do not get listed on the MLS. Fill out the form now to be notified when we have wholesale deals for you.

Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Are you interested in building wealth through real estate, but you don't have the time or knowledge to get started? If you are interested in becoming a private lender and learning how to earn 6-12% return, submit the information below and someone will reach out.

Why Should You Invest With Us?

When you invest with Queens Buy Houses, you act as the bank and provide us a loan. We pay you “mortgage” payments automatically from our account to yours the same day each month.

The benefits over the stock market are tremendous, especially since we send you a monthly fixed payment.

And you have NO liability regarding the property and never deal with tenants. Only the owners have liability and property management hassle. You will never have to deal with property maintenance issues, unruly tenants, or property taxes. Whatever takes place with the property makes no difference to you . You will still receive a steady stream of payments no matter what.

How Investing With Us Works

Contact Our Team

We will thoroughly explain the process, answer any questions you have, and see if we are a good fit for your needs.

We Match You with A Cash-Flowing Asset

PLoans are usually in the range of $10-120,000 per property.

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We also sign personal guarantees.

Collect Cash Flow

Your payments will automatically be sent via ACH to the account of your choice. Simply relax and enjoy the cashflow.

*The best part of being a private lender with QBH is that there aren't ever any tenants, toilets, or drama to deal with. We handle all of the management, maintenance, and headaches. You simply get to be the bank. Afterall, isn't passive income what all investors are after?

Passive Real Estate Investing with NO PROPERTY!

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